my subject is the painting itself. the most important thing is not the topic (motif) but the optical pleasure - and the way color is used. did i succeed in turning a piece of canvas and paint into a picture - something alive?
my paintings appeal to the viewer in their original size. finest modulation of color, contrasts and harmonies, create an illusion of space. especially the monochrome paintings require daylight. they change their impression upon the viewers senses during the course of the day. this is a result of the particular mixture of the blue and red portions of the light from dusk until twilight. the paintings are constructed from many different layers (color-coatings) and created over a long period of time. they exist in 'stages' until they reach their final appearance of form and color.
in reproduction all of these qualities disappear. that is the reason why i use rollover-effects and animation on my page. the viewer gets a better idea of the original work.
in the negative appearance of the pictures possible 'stages' during the work-process are depicted. the variations of color and contrast alter the perception of the original and the reference of the paintings to each other.
my intention to achieve a communication between the pictures and subjects (or topics) becomes evident.
in the link "galerie" a selection of my various fields of composition are demonstrated.
in the future i will extend and update this site.